Drum Wrap Instructions

Drum Covering Instructions (For Taped Seams)

Important Introductory Information

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Thank you for choosing Jammin Sam’s drum wrap. You have just purchased the “top of the line” covering in drum material. These instructions are intended to make your refinish project successful. Before working with the material in any way, read all the instructions. Then, if you have any questions, call us. Next, check and see if you received all the material you ordered. And for best results, do one drum at a time starting with the smallest. Also, if you have Internet high speed access, go to our web site and see our 7 minute how-to “Drum Wrap Video.

After checking the package for completeness of the order, we recommend (excluding satin flames) that you re-roll the wrap and leave it rolled up for at least 7 days before applying it to your drums. This helps develop a natural curve to the wrap that will help your material adhere the best.

These written instructions are constantly being updated, and supersede what you see in our current video.