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Photo of Paul Collinson's Premier snare with Mirror Gold drum wrap (3)

Picture sent in (January 2009) by Paul Collinson from Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia of his Premier Cabria.  Good job Paul!
(Note:  Check out Paul’s Silver Glass Glitter drum set in that section.)

Paul writes:
Hi Sam,  Here are some pics of the two snares I made out of a spare 12″ rack tom (one is pictured).  It was a Premier Cabria.  I cut the tom in half, cut two new bearing edges and re did the existing edges for a snare, filled unneeded holes, drilled some new holes, sanded some snare beds, wrapped the snares in your fine wraps and then screwed on all hardware from Jammin Sam too.  Thanks a heap, they actually sound really good.  Thanks, Paul Collinson

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