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Photo of John Noren's Slingerland drums with Purple Glass Glitter drum wrap (2)

Picture sent in (April 2005) from John Noren of Minneapolis, Minnesota of his Slingerland drum set.  Great job John!

John writes:
Hi Guys, About a year ago I built this Slingerland big bass set.  [A] 26″ bass, 13″ and 16″ toms.  You service and products allow me to have a custom, one of a kind set for the price of a bunch of parts.  I am very thorough and sort of handy and this set looks as good as ANY pro level set out there.  The purple glass glitter is incredible under lights.  Thanks to you I have a set of drums that was easy to build, cheap, gorgeous and it puts a huge smile on my face every time I bring it out.  I have shells and hardware waiting to do another set… which color???  I can see doing a bunch of sets so I can grab the set I’m in the mood for any night.   Thanks, John Noren

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