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Photo of Chris Tuttle's Rogers drums with Silver Vintage Sparkle drum wrap

Picture sent in (April 2004) by Chris Tuttle of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada; of his Rogers drum set.  Stupendous looking drums Chris!

Chris writes:
I re-wapped this kit last fall and had a great time doing them.  They are a 1972 Rogers Powertone kit, originally done in a butcher Block finish.  That alone was fine, but I really wanted a Silver Sparkle kit.  I looked around on the net and couldn”t find anything that I was really happy with.  So, I tried trading them on a Ludwig Classic kit, but the dealer wanted my kit plus an additional $400!  Not gonna happen!  Besides, this was a deal over the internet, and I didn”t even know what the other kit sounded like.  Anyway, that”s when I decided to re-wrap them myself.  The instructions were easy to follow, and the results were just awesome.  Believe it or not, but it was cheaper for me to buy the wrap from you and have it shipped to Canada then to buy it from a local dealer.  Hope you like the pics as much as I like the results!  Thanks,
Christ Tuttle

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