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Photo of Kevin Davis' Pearl drumset with White Satin Flame drum wrap

Picture sent in (Mar 2005) from Kevin Davis of Sarepta, Louisiana of his Pearl drum set.  Drums looking good Kevin!

Kevin writes:
These are my four year old Pearls.  These drums showed a lot of road wear as they are used every weekend.  The factory wrap had warped on all the drums and had significant damage from scratches to scrapes.  I was about to purchase a new set when I ran across Jammin Sam’s  website while doing a search for drums with custom finishes.  I was blown away when I saw the wide variety of colors and designs!

I did a little research, read some of the feedback on your site and soon decided that refinishing my drums would be MUCH cheaper than buying new ones.  I decided on the white satin flame and ordered the material.  That day I began disassembling the kit so I would be ready to start refinishing as soon as I got the material.  It was so easy to work with that my 15 year old daughter did the floor tom herself!  I want to thank you and your staff for your kindness and help with everything.  You saved me a ton of money and my drums are beautiful!  The guys in my band cannot believe this is the same set.  I will highly recommend your products to every drummer I know, and to the ones I will meet in the future.  Thanks again.  Kevin Davis

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