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Photo of John Babyak's Pearl drum kit with Satin Fire (60's) Blue (1)
Photo of John Babyak's Pearl drum kit with Satin Fire (60's) Blue (2)

Pictures sent in (Jan 2011) by John Babyak, Weston, Connecticut.  Beautiful drums John!  

John writes:
Attached are a couple of pics of my newly recovered Pearl drum kit, featuring your sizzling Fire Blue Satin Flame wrap. As you can see, the drums turned out great, and it was a fantastic gift for my 14-yr old son this past Christmas.

A few comments about the project… a couple years ago, I picked up a very worn Pearl Masters kit on eBay, and then the drums just sat in a closet until I got the guts to tackle such a project. Your custom-crafted wraps eased any initial trepidation I might have experienced. The vintage kit consisted of 4 pieces — 22″ bass, 12″ and 13″ toms, and a 16″ floor tom — and the shells were 4-ply birch. Since the drums were to be a surprise, I converted a small office at my place of business into a workshop, which allowed me to work at my own pace, since the project also involved refurbishing the shells and installing all new hardware, heads, rims, etc. Due to a measuring error on my part on the 16″ floor tom, I got your replacement wrap after the holiday, which actually gave my son and me a chance to work together to finish up the project. I must say, working with a second person — even a teenager — is preferable and more enjoyable to working solo in getting the wraps on straight.

All in all, the project was a ton of fun, hugely gratifying, and everyone who has seen our kit has been absolutely blown away by the professional look that comes from the custom wrap. In fact, the sight of our flashy new drums elicited the biggest smile I ever saw with my daughter’s long-time piano teacher, who was a drummer during his high school and college days — he couldn’t resist sitting down to try out the kit.

In closing, I hope you have continued strong success with your custom drum wraps — I would definitely work with JamminSam again on any future drum recovering project!  John Babyak – Weston, CT

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