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Photo of John Cotter's small drum set with 60's White Pearl (7)
Photo of John Cotter's small drum set with 60's White Pearl (8)
Photo of John Cotter's small drum set with 60's White Pearl (11)

Pictures sent in (April 2012) by John Cotter from London, England of his drum set.  Beautiful John!

John writes:
Well, where do I begin???  Whoa… what a very satisfied customer I am! Excellent service excellent material (& excellent fitting… well, according to the wife!).

As you recall, I was “under pressure” to go the Ringo/B.O.P route, but as I told you, I didn’t have the budget or inclination to do that colour. So, White Pearl Special (60’s White Pearl) it was…

Being on a tight budget and needing a smaller “Downbeat” sized / vintage looking kit for the pubs & clubs we play mostly, I assembled some orphan drums for the project. The toms were from a Ludwig Accent Custom kit (as I wanted 12 x 8 & 14 x 14 toms rather than the modern deeper ones usually around). The kick was an Asian 20″ x 14″ and the snare a Yamaha Rydeen 13″ x 5″ which would give me a little more room behind the kit. While not being a virgin drum recoverer, I had done two kits before with the cheaper self-adhesive type wrap, albeit with less-than-perfect results (puckering/creasing, mainly). So I wanted to go the traditional route this time.

As your other customers often state: the removal/refitting of all the hardware is the hard/time-consuming part! Clear instructions, exact cutting, and quality material. Well, the attached pix show the result! pretty good, I’d say! The guys in the band were impressed (more-so that I had done it all myself!). Looks great with coloured lights on stage.

To recap: Love the one-2-one service, no rush just genuine old-fashioned service, and speedy delivery too. I like the way customers are encouraged to telephone rather than wade thro’ loads of “FAQ’s” on a website! (you never get the one that applies to you, anyway).   Best wishes for your business.
John Cotter, London, UK

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