About Black Diamond Pearl (old) (discontinued)

This example of Black Diamond Pearl (Old) may also be called Mother of Pearl or sometimes incorrectly called Marine Pearl (7″x 4.5″ scan of actual finish) Click image see finish on drums. For comparison, next is a scan of our Black Diamond Pearl (Formerly Black Pearl)… (7″x 4.5″ scan of actual finish) Click image to see finish on drums.

Our “black pearl” pattern (lighter and grayer than the first scan on this page) has been used by drum manufactures from the 1980’s until present, while the “Black Diamond Pearl (Old)” (the first wrap scan on this page) tends to match drums from the 1970’s and before- both ‘patterns’ are identical.

“Black Diamond Pearl” has been available since the 1940’s (Slingerland catalog) and after that from Ludwig, Gretsch (called “Black Pearl” by Gretsch), Rogers, and just about every major (and not so major) drum company.

After a while, many of the companies lightened the color.

Both of our finishes are made from the same US factory that supplied all the companies listed above.  Our material is made 30 mil thick (30/1000 of an inch), which makes the finish more durable, longer lasting, and better looking (no ripple effect).  Also, the finishes of the past had a “shrinkage factor” of 5% (or more), causing some finishes to eventually split, and/or cause the seam to pull away. We have both black pearls made so they do not shrink- none of the finishes we sell shrink. 

Even today, some suppliers sell similar finishes that shrink- ask before you buy- there are several problems associated with this type of product.

We are proud to offer these custom cut drum wrap products for your enjoyment.  The vintage appearance (hue of the original color) of our “Black Diamond Pearl” is only available through us.  

The above information only applies to these discontinued finishes.  It does not apply to our new “vintage Black Diamond Pearl, or
80’s Black Diamond Pearl“, they are more vintage correct.  See those pages, for info on those finishes.

See our History of Drum Wrap to read the history of drum wraps. If you would like a piece of history for your project, just give us a call. Then take a look at our pricing information. We also sell drum hardware and other drum making parts.

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