About Black Shadow Diamond Pearl

Black Shadow Diamond Pearl on Drums
(7″x 4.5″ scan of actual finish — also known as Charcoal, Smoke, Silver Smoke, Black Pearl or Silver Pearl)
Click image to see finish on drums.

For comparison – Black Diamond Pearl (Old) [below]…

(7″x 4.5″ scan of actual finish)
Click image to see finish on drums.

This finish resembles some silvery/smoke pearls of the past (with a touch of black), which gives one’s drums a very unique look. It has been called: black pearl, black diamond pearl, smoke pearl, silver smoke pearl, and silver pearl. If you are looking for a slightly lighter black diamond pearl, tis wrap is for you.

See our History of Drum Wrap to read the history of drum wraps. Then take a look at our pricing information. We also sell drum hardware and other drum making parts.

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