About Green Vintage Sparkle (discontinued)

Drum Wrap Material: Example close-up of Vintage Green Sparkle
Click image to see finish on drums.

Vintage green sparkle wrap was one of the first two sparkle colors that became available (see “Wrap History” below).  We get our vintage green sparkle wrap from the same factory that Ludwig, Slingerland, Rogers, Gretsch used in the past, and is still used today by major “hi-end” drum manufacturers (Drum Workshop, Ludwig, Gretsch, Pork Pie, etc.).

Our vintage green sparkle is a high quality wrap that has a vintage, pristine, rich look that makes any drum set look like it belongs on a classy stage or in a major venue.  Not only is it very pleasing to the eye, but very durable and long lasting.  You can’t go wrong with this vintage sparkle wrap.

See our History of Drum Wrap to read the history of drum wraps. Then take a look at our pricing information. We also sell lugs, tension rods, t-handles & claws, base spurs,rims and hoops, floor tom mounts and legs, tom arms and mounts.

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