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Vintage Sky Blue Pearl

(triangular directional pattern)
Vintage Sky Blue Pearl drum wrap. Also known as Sky Blue Pearl, Light Blue Pearl, or Midnight Blue Pearl.
(7″ x 4.5″ scan of actual finish)
Click image to see finish on drums.

Retro Sky Blue Pearl (discontinued)

(triangular directional pattern)
Retro Blue Pearl drum wrap. JamminSam formerly sold as Vintage Sky Blue Pearl
(7″ x 4.5″ scan of actual finish)
Click image to see finish on drums.

By 1960, a triangular directional pattern pearl became available, which three drum companies featured in their 1960 catalogs. When a black back was applied to the pattern, a silver and a slight blue color emerged. Ludwig named it “Sky Blue Pearl” for their drums; Slingerland called it “Light Blue Pearl”; and Gretsch named it “Midnight Blue Pearl”.  The color’s popularity lasted about 20 years (lasting throughout the 60s and 70s).  But in the 1980s, there was less demand for the finish.  However, since the turn of the century, interest in this finish has began to rise again.  We are proud to offer custom cut refinish kits of this rare finish which we call “Vintage Sky Blue Pearl”.

Concerning our “Retro Sky Blue Pearl” (at the very top), this finish has a truer (more intense) blue appearance than the Vintage Sky Blue Pearl.  We worked with the original US manufacturer to make the finish slightly translucent to give it a deeper appearance, and with a professional grade thickness to make it more durable and longer lasting.  Also, this finish does not shrink, like older wraps (and some sold today), that can cause the seam to pull up, or shrink away from the bearing edge, or to even split in the future.

Before you buy a pearl finish from anyone, always ask if it shrinks– there are several problems associated with this type of product.

Our “Vintage Sky Blue Pearl” is about 40% thinner than our other pearls.  Because of the thickness difference, we offer it at a greatly reduced price.  This finish is also non-shrinking and is the closest in color to the original.

We are proud to offer these old friends. If you would like an exciting look for your drums and a piece of history, just give us a call.

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