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Photo of Jon Heinz's Mapex drumset with Mirror Chrome drum wrap (2)

Picture sent in (December 2005) from Jon Heinz of Beverly Hills, Florida of his Mapex drum set. Awesome picture Jon!

Jon writes:
Hi—Add me to your “satisfied customer” list! I had a cheap Mapex V-series kit I bought for a gig I was doing for a while last year. Decent drums for a working drummer, but when I was done with my gig I had…well, a cheap-looking kit. They sounded good though, so rather than sell them and spend a bunch on a new kit, I decided to recover them. Smart move. The chrome wrap I received was almost three times as thick as the black wrap that came off the drums. That’s a good thing.  It was cut perfectly, I followed the simple instructions and look at ’em now…They don’t look so cheap anymore! They’re keepers! — Jon Heinz, Beverly Hills, FL

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