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Photo of Todd Fowler's Slingerland set with JS Mirror Chrome drum wrap (3)

Picture sent in (January 2016) by Todd Fowler from ? of his Slingerland drum set. Great re-covery John!

Todd writes:
Sam, I sold my chrome double bass Slingerland set when I was 16. My dad said I’d regret it and I did. When I was 40, my family got me a vintage single bass set as well as wrap from you. 2003 volume 3 of your literature! Then over the years I gathered drums and gear and more wrap to build my dream set from back in the day. You recently sold me some awesome tom tom stands as can be seen in the pic holding the two smallest and two largest toms. You also sold me some super bass Spurs. I’m 54 now and finally finished the stripping, polishing and re wrapping! Todd Fowler

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