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Photo of Mark Mathias' Pearl drums with Vintage White Pearl drum wrap (2)

Picture sent in (March 2007) by Mark Mathias from Castro Valley, California of his Pearl drum set. Beautiful work Mark!

Mark writes:
This is my 70’s Pearl fiberglass kit which was originally wrapped in plain white. They’ve been in cases in my garage all these years while I’ve gone through three maple kits, and I was considering selling them when I found your website about four months ago. After watching your wrap video I ordered the White Marine Pearl wrap and a month or so later completed the project. Sizes are: 8X10, 8X12, 16X16, 14X22 bass drum with chrome hoops, and a 6 1/2 X14 chrome snare.  The actual wrapping process was quite simple. The most labor intensive part of the process was cleaning and polishing all the lugs, hoops and hardware. The end result was a bit of a surprise to me; I knew they would look better, but I wasn’t expecting to change my mind about selling them!  I’ve since put these pics  on the Pearl Drummer’s Forum website, and have gotten great compliments from dozens of drummers. Some have asked questions about the re-wrap process (one guy thought I’d had it “professionally” wrapped) and I’ve been happy to fill them in on the Jammin’ Sam website and video.  Your products are excellent, the website thorough and informative, and I’m looking forward to re-covering the other seven fiberglass drums. Thanks again. 

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