Bass Hoops

Looking for significant savings on drum rims and hoops?  How about 30-70% off list prices! We offer quality hardware made by name brand hardware companies, but without the name brand.  We pass the savings on to you, so you get the same quality (or better) at about half the price!

We also have tension rods & claws and other small parts.

example photo of our steel bass hoops with black powder coating

Hoops For
Bass Drums
16″N/A$29.99 ea.
18″N/A$31.99 ea.
20″N/A$34.99 ea.
22″N/A$37.99 ea.
24″N/A$39.99 ea.
26″N/A$49.99 ea.
Note: “Steel” hoops are black powder coated & are the ultimate for strength & durability.

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