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More Black Diamond Pearl (Old)

Call for info about this wrap. Would you like to see a couple of near identical (better?) replacements?
Please take a look at our Standard Black Diamond Pearl drum wrap and Vintage Black Diamond Pearl drum wrap.

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Photo of Drew Shourd's Gretsch Toms with Black Diamond Pearl (Old) drum wrap (1)

Picture sent in (March 2010) by Drew Shourd from Burbank, California of his Gretsch drum set. Great work Drew!

Drew writes:
Hey ya all… Here is a pic of the black diamond match. The tom on the left is from Gretsch, the Catalina Mod/Mahogany, and the tom on the right is the Jammin Sam covering (Catalina Maple). Notice the off set lugs on the Mod, larger pattern and very gray. While the maple has even lugs, smaller pattern and is more white. The difference is more noticeable in person, but the main thing is the drum looks awesome and has a higher quality wrap than that from the Gretsch factory. The badges are different as well, so I am not tryin’ orgonna try to match it identically to the Mod.  Thank you Sam and to your crew for getting this out to me, I will tell more friends and show them your catalog as well.  Thanx again, peace, Drew

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