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Call for info about this wrap. Would you like to see a near identical (better?) replacement?
Please take a look at our JS Blue Sparkle drum wrap.

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Photo of Adam Greenberg's Gretsch snare with Vintage Blue Sparkle drum wrap (1)

Pictures sent in (January 2011) by Adam Greenberg from Encino, California of his Gretsch snare. First rate work Adam!

Adam writes:
Thanks for the great wrap and great service for the second time!! The Blue Vintage Sparkle on the Roundbadge Gretsch snare drum is a perfect match to my 1960’s Rogers kit, no one can tell the difference until they see the badges. The Black Onyx wrap looks great on the Pork Pie snare drum and took a drum that sounded great but looked kind of dull to the next level, the pictures really don’t do it justice. Most importantly the change in tone of the drums was not noticeable in the least which is always a concern when altering any instrument. Jammin’ Sam makes it extremely easy to tackle these type of projects with cutting the wrap to size and the usage of their hi-bond tape system, the directions sent with the wrap are detailed and explain the process very well. I would recommend Jammin’ Sam to anyone looking to embark on a tough restoration project or if you want to customize a snare drum you already have but have grown tired of the visual appeal. Thanks for everything and you guys will definitely be hearing from me again soon!!   Thanks again Sam, Adam Greenberg

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