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Call for info about this wrap. Would you like to see a near identical (better?) replacement?
Please take a look at our JS Blue Sparkle drum wrap.

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Photo of Jerry Chao's drums with Vintage Blue Sparkle drum wrap

Picture sent in (April 1998) from Jerry Chao of Forest Hills, New York of his custom drum set.  Excellent work Jerry!

Jerry writes:
Hi guys, I just received the wrap tonight and couldn’t wait to get it on the drums.  This kit was pieced together off E-bay to be used as a “toss around” gigging kit.  The kick is a 20″ Mapex Orion Birdseye Maple.  The finish was starting to show some wear so I didn’t mind covering it.  The toms are all Pearl Masters: 10×8 MRX, 12×9 MMX and 16×13 MMX.  At first I got a kick out of a mis-matched drum set, but I just got into a higher profile band and wanted a nice looking kit.  This wrap was SUPER easy to install.  After the first drum, I got the hang of it pretty quick.  And now, it feels like I have a brand new kit!  Thanks to the crew at Jammin Sam for making such a great, easy to use product.  Jerry Chao

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