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Photo of Peter S's Pearl drums with Champagne Pink drum wrap

Picture sent in (September 2004) by Peter S. of Charleston, West Virginia of his Pearl drum set. Great looking set Peter!

Peter writes:
I have to say that this project turned out much better than I had thought it would.  The wrap is gorgeous and helped me save hundreds of dollars.  The shells are Pearl Prestige Session Select shells which feature a maple/mahogany blend which produce a low-end sound.  To me these are the best sounding stock drums Pearl makes.  These shells have been out of production for several years but I was able to buy New-Old-Stock shells in the sizes I wanted from several dealers as closeouts and on eBay.  Unfortunately, the shells I found came in several different colors but your wrap gave me the option to really jazz up the set.  I’ve received nothing but compliments on the appearance of them.  Also, the high-bond tape made installation a breeze.

For me to get this set from Pearl, I’d have to pay at least $1800 above the cost of these shells and go with Pearl’s Masterworks line to get the Maple/Mahogany blend.  You definitely have a great product and I’ll be buying more wrap from you. Cheers! Peter S.

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