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Photo of Dave Goldwin's Mapex drums with Deep Blue Glass Glitter drum wrap (1)
Photo of Dave Goldwin's Mapex drumset with Deep Blue Glass Glitter drum wrap (2)

Pictures sent in (March 2008) by Dave Goldwin from Phoenix, Arizona of his Mapex drum set. Awesome job Dave!

Dave writes:
Sam,  Here are the photos of my Mapex Pros refinished in [deep] Blue Glass Glitter. Your product and instructions were great. I can’t remember how many D.I.Y. projects I’ve done where 45 minute assembly turned into 4.5 hours of frustration. Not so with the drum wraps.  Everything was as advertised, and all contingencies were thought of in advance. The result was great, and these have now become my number one kit for less than half what a maple 6 piece kit would cost new. Thanks for your help and customer service.
All the Best,  Dave Goldwin, Drummer with Shine  Phoenix, AZ

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