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Photo of Chris Amato's Pearl drum set with Deep Blue Glass Glitter drum wrap (1)
Photo of Chris Amato's Pearl drum set with Deep Blue Glass Glitter drum wrap (3)

Pictures sent in (February 2008) by Chris Amato from Sacramento, California of his Pearl drum set.  Great work Chris!

Chris writes:
Hi Sam,  Thank you for your help on the phone last week and for getting the wrap, hoop strips and eyelets to me quickly. The [deep] Blue Glass Glitter is beautiful. Its been a fun week stripping, sanding and recovering my 1988 Pearl “World” series drums.  I had a lot of assistance from my drum tech as it was a perfect job for 2 big drum enthusiasts. On the day it arrived we agreed that after rehearsal we were going to get started re-wrapping.  That went from 11pm ’til 2:30 am and a few hours the next day and they were done!!  I applied 2 thin coats of Tung oil on the insides. We watched your very helpful video then got started. Applying the wrap on the smaller drums (10″ & 13″) was pretty easy and went right on by eye. The 18″ floor tom took a little more effort and 2 sets of hands. The 22″ kick was challenging for me.  I chose to re-wrap the kit because it’s 20 years old and the white was beginning to yellow quite a bit.  I didn’t want it to look like a dirty bath tub under the lights.  It’s toured the country many times & recorded on many albums so it deserved a make-over.  They look great!  My band mates of my 2 bands have all “Ooo’d & Aaaah’d” over the new and improved look.  Oh, they ring out better than ever now as well!  If they had faces they’d be smilin’ …I know I am.  Thanks again Sam,  Chris Amato

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