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Photo of Charlie Glasgow's Ludwig drums with Deep Green Glass Glitter drum wrap

Pictures sent in (October 2012) by Charlie Glasgow from Omaha, Nebraska of his Ludwig drum set.  Great job Charlie!

Charlie writes:
Hey Guys:
I have a Pearl kit that I wrapped a few years back that turned out great and I’d sent photos in already. My next project was a set of orphaned maple Ludwigs from the mid 70’s and I chose your deep green glass glitter wrap. I get so many comments on this kit and everything turned out fantastic. I just wrapped a set of Remo drums with some cheap wrap that I’d found on Ebay and I have to tell you that it’s about as thin as contact paper and has line through the wrap that are visible in daylight. Never again! My next set will be wrapped in white marine pearl and I see that you folks are running some great specials on this vintage wrap from my youth! You have a customer for life now! I did a little photoshop magic on the photo to crop out the background, but left the drums alone!
Cheers, Charlie Glasgow

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