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Photo of Aris Chapa's Ludwig drums with Deep Green Glass Glitter drum wrap (1)
Photo of Aris Chapa's Ludwig floor toms with Deep Green Glass Glitter drum wrap (4)
Photo of Aris Chapa's tom with Deep Green Glass Glitter drum wrap (3)

Pictures sent in (April 2009) by Aris Chapa from La Jova, Texas of his Ludwig drum set.  Awesome pictures Aris!

Aris writes:
It has been a dream of mine for many years to own a Vintage Ludwig 3 ply Green Sparkles (Deep Green Glass Glitter) Bonham kit. It took me over 4 years to meticulously put this kit together to match John Bonham’s set (with the exception of the bass drum spurs). So when I began to shop around for wraps I found that not only were your prices the best but the installation was simple.  Equally impressive was the detailed step by step instructions and your firms commitment to customer service. This was my first restoration project and at one point during the re-wrap I called in for advise.  When I called I spoke with the owner and was pleased with his level of service and sincerity. Thank you for making my dream a reality.  (Bass Drum 14″x26″, Rack Tom 10″x14″ on Rail Consolette mount, Floor Tom 16″x16″, Floor Tom 16″x18″, 14″x6.5″ Chrome Supraphonic 402 Snare)
Aris J. Chapa

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