Eyelet Installer Tool

photo of an eyelet crimped by our tool

JamminSam began development of this tool in 2000 and sales to our customers started in July of 2004. We continue to use the 2004 design, albeit with some upgrades in the quality of the components that make up our eyelet installer tool. Others have copied our design, but JamminSam is the first to create a tool using a two-step process that does not use impact (like a hammer) to crimp the eyelet into place. With an Allen wrench, our tool steadily compresses the eyelet into a highly sought, factory quality finish.

Eyelet tool installer (free w/ drum wrap orders over $100 – if needed)
-sold only w/ purchase of our drum wrap
(comes w/ 2 practice eyelets) ….$3.99 ea.
Allen Wrench (3/16″- not pictured) ….$1.00 ea.

How do I get the instructions?

First, we include a printed set of instructions with the tool when you order it. If you loose that, you can always get a copy of the eyelet installer tool instructions here at the website.

What eyelet colors and sizes are available?

Red Glass Slingerland Eyelet

Important Note:  A lack of success w/ the above eyelet installer does not apply to any warranties or guarantees stated by us toward our drum wraps.  Any problems resulting from the use of this tool is solely the responsibility of the end user and does not result in free wrap replacement.  However, the proper use of this tool can give factory-like results when installing our standard & custom replacement eyelets (the top view of the gold eyelet shows the results).  We have had 1000s of satisfied customers with the use of this tool.

NOTE: All pictured badges for display use only. We do not sell badges.



The JamminSam Eyelet Installer Tool, only from JamminSam! “I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and congratulate you on your design of the Eyelet Installer Tool. While many high-end custom drum shops are still squashing the hind end of these things with a ball peen hammer, you have offered a vastly superior option. An assembly of 100% standard parts, that performs a two-step process very effectively and as with all superior design, elegant in its simplicity. Nice job folks!”

Peter Hodgson (Satisfied Customer)
West Port, Connecticut

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