This is an exciting section of our web site. We have spend much time, effort, and money to bring to you the many facets of drum restoration. On this subject, we have put together comprehensive, detailed articles, that incorporate drum history, project feasibility, installation approaches, color selection, problem resolution, and much more for your success. And intertwined in these articles is the straight story: truth vs. hype, wisdom vs. foolishness, improvement vs. value lost, what works vs. what doesn’t, etc. And to our knowledge, this information is only available here- not even in the drum magazines.

To get all this information, the owner Sam Barnard needed some nudging to sit down, and write down what he knew. Sam Barnard has been refurbishing and restoring drums since 1972. He began doing this for a living in 1982 when he started selling refurbished drums and musical products in the local newspaper. Not long after that, the first website ( was launched. He is a valued resource in helping you achieve spectacular results. We believe that you will not only find these articles interesting to read, but extremely valuable in gaining success in your unique project. Our goal, is for you to have a WOW experience- and not just from you, but from all those who see the awesome results on your drums.

Sincerely, Kerry Townsend  (Webmaster for Jammin Sam)

Sam’s Articles for You:

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