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Pictures sent in (August 2009) by Mike Retherford from Elwood, Indiana of his Mapex drum set. Beautiful work Mike!  

Mike writes:
Hello, I took the pictures of my Satin Fire Green drums as you requested.  The customer service at Jammin Sam was great. The wraps were perfectly cut and easy to apply.  I can’t even begin to say how many compliments I have received about the look of the kit. This is a Mapex Mars series kit from the mid 90s. I decided to replace the original warped wraps as opposed to buying a new kit. I am glad I did. It was inexpensive and most people think it is a new kit anyway. I started off just wrapping the bass drum, floor tom, and one rack tom. A couple of years later I wrapped another rack tom. I was a little worried that the newly wrapped tom would not match the other drums due to possible color changes in the wraps or fading in the wraps that were already done. It matched perfectly, which tells me that the wraps are high quality and fade resistant.  Thanks you
Mike Retherford (band: Vinyl Groove)

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