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Photo of a tom in Bill Heitman's multiglass drum kit
Photo of Bill Heitman's multicolor wrapped drums. (13)

Picture sent in (March 2006) by Bill Heitman from Wildwood, Missouri of his Pearl drum set. Awesome pictures Bill!

Bill writes:
This is the second drum kit I have wrapped and it was extremely fun to build. I had acquired used drums of different finishes and sizes by shopping the internet. I was more concerned with sizes as opposed to finishes, since the drums were going to be recovered. Jammin Sam was especially helpful with providing the multi colors hoop strips for the bass drum. He was able to provide scrap pieces at a reasonable price, in lieu of having me purchase five different hoop strips at the regular price and having too much material left over. Any recovering questions I had were always answered in a timely manner. Phone calls were always returned.  I highly recommend Jammin Sam’s easy method of wrapping with high bond tape in lieu of using glue.  Thanks Sam, for your great product.
Bill Heitman

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