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Call for info about this wrap. Would you like to see a near identical (better?) replacement?
Please take a look at our JS Green Sparkle drum wrap.

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Photo of Howard Friedman's Leedy kit with Vintage Green Sparkle (1)
Photo of Howard Friedman's Leedy kit with Vintage Green Sparkle (2)

Pictures sent in (January 2008) by Howie Friedman from Plano, Texas of his Leedy drum set.  Great looking pictures Howie!

Howie writes:
Sam and staff:,  I recently acquired a three piece Leedy kit (14×22, 16×16, 9×13).  All three drums are stamped inside the shells with September, 1961 dates.  The original wrap (champagne sparkle) was very faded, cracked, and peeling in many places. [Much of the original hardware was missing.]  I plugged a few extra holes on the bass drum shell, installed a rail consolette using the original holes and proper bass drum hoops.  I’m searching for proper T-rods for the bass drum.  I have a snare drum on it’s way to me, to go with this set, and will wrap it to match.  This was my first re-wrap project. Sam made it easy with his online video and printed instructions.  I was skeptical of the tape installation method, but I became a believer after wrapping the first drum.  Thanks to Jammin Sam,
Howie Friedman

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