Hi Bond Tape for Drum Wrap

Hi-bond tape is what we recommend to adhere our drum wrap to your drum shells and can be purchased from us with our drum wrap installed on the drum material for you.  Hi-bond tape is the choice for many professionals, and many US and Asian drum companies.We have had thousands of customers use our tape and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

Why Should You Use Our Hi-Bond Tape?

Our hi-bond tape can only be purchased through us and only when applied to our drum wrap.

We have this tape prepared specifically for us. In combination with our adhesive promoter, this is the strongest tape developed. This tape has a mustard colored liner top (different than shown in our current video)- a commonly used color for tape liners. Even though the color is common, the properties are not. We could have used a cheaper tape or one of the look-a-like pretenders, but they just don’t match the adhesion quality of what we sell- our tape is made for this very application. We have tested several different adhesion types, substrates and processes to get just the right results for this application. Although expensive for us to buy (even in large quantities) we have chosen the highest adhesion, tape solution so our customers are happier and more successful with our products.

Not only have we got the right tape, but we have given great attention to the method of application. We have refined our instructions many times to produce consistent successful results. Again, we have had thousands of customers use our tape and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

Hi-Bond Tape Prices

For our Drum Kits

Kit A or B (installed on the wrap for all four drums)$25.00


For each Drum

Snares & Small Toms (3″ – 12″ deep)$5.00 each
14″ – 16″ Floor Toms & Deeper Toms (13″ – 16″ deep)$6.00 each
18″ – 20″ Floor Toms (no deeper than 16″)$9.00 each
Basses (shallow depths: 6″ – 12″ deep)$8.00 each
Basses (regular depths: 13″ – 18″ deep)$9.00 each
Basses (extra deep: 20″ – 24″ deep)$12.00 each
Note:  Our hi-bond tape can only be purchased with our drum wrap.


What About Sound?

There is no “sound” difference whether one uses tape or contact cement.

What is the Time Saving?

Recovering (after the shell is ready) only takes several minutes using our hi-bond tape instead of several hours with glue.

Note: Our hi-bond tape is used only at the seams.


Warrantee Information

If you purchase our hi-bond tape (with the drum wrap), you will receive a one year warrantee. Read more about our warranty & guarantee information, and also read about the history of taping vs. gluing, and the pros and cons of using tape vs. contact cement.

Custom Shop (free estimate for your drums)

We have had thousands of customers use our tape and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

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