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More JS Solid Black (formerly called “Hi Gloss Black”)

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Photo of Charlie Bogert's Rogers drums with JS Hi Gloss Black drum wrap (1)
photo of Charlie Bogert's Rogers drums with JS Hi Gloss Black drum wrap (3)

Picture sent in (April 2011) by Charlie Bogert from Fayetteville, Arkansas of his ’77 Rogers drum set. Stunning look Charles!  

Charlie writes:
I am so happy to have found your company’s web-site and that I chose to order my wraps from you. The product is great and the new wraps made these tired looking drums look new again. The included instructions were useful and easily interpreted, and when I had a few questions Sam fielded the phone calls personally and helped me to do what I believe is a wonderful make over. One thing that might help someone who is doing this for the first time is having an extra package of promoter included. If one does not plan well enough ahead they may have to run out to the store in the middle of the project.

These drums are Rogers 1977 with a snare from the early seventies. Lookin good!!!
Thanks Sam – Charlie Bogert

We would like to feature your drums with our wrap here.

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