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More JS Solid Black (formerly called “Hi Gloss Black”)

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Photo of Matt Alling's bass drum with JS Hi Gloss Black drum wrap (37)

Picture sent in (September 2009) by Matt Alling from Meriden, Connecticut of his 26″ bass drum. Terrific work Matt!  

Matt writes:
Recently I ordered material to recover bass drums for two local pipe bands that both by chance had the exact same model bass drum and were looking for identical finishes so I am enclosing pictures of the first drum that was returned to the first band today. This was originally a black 26″x9″ Premier Royal Scots bass drum circa 1971. Both of the drums arrived to me with large pieces of finish missing and wood shell exposed and upon removing hardware the rest of the finish just started to fall away leaving me with very little in the way of removing the old covering. The new covering was very easy to use and a significantly heavier weight than the covering coming off which I wasn’t expecting but I am confident that the new finish will last them quite some time. Thanks for making it so easy. Matt Alling

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