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Photo of Andy Graham's Pearl Fiberglass drums with JS Hi Gloss Tropical Blue drum wrap (73)

Picture sent in (October 2014) by Andy Graham from Poway, California of his Pearl Fiberglass drumset. Great work Andy! [fblike]

Andy writes:
This was a project I was really excited to do. My original mid-1970’s Pearl fiberglass shell drum set was looking pretty beat up – shells cracked & separating, yellowing. I used the set only for a practice set and was thinking about when/how I’d dump it. Then I found Jammin’ Sam and couldn’t believe that for $300 I might make it new again. Indeed, after finishing, it’s like a new drum set. I use it to gig now, alternating with my newer one.
The on-line instruction video and written instructions were great. I also got great customer service when I called in needing assistance with a labeling issue on some of my wraps. The issue was fixed completely and right away.
I’m a very happy customer with a sharp, spanking new drum set.
Andy Graham, Poway, California

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