Hoop Strips & Inlays

Yes, We cut Material for Bass Drum Hoops

Those small strips of drum wrap on your bass hoops are called hoop-strips by some and hoop-inlays by others. Some drummers can’t visualize a drum set without them. If you want to cover your hoops with drum material, we can help you.

Hoop Inlays

Hoop-inlays are cut to fit inside a groove or inset in the drum hoop. Accurate measurement for the material width to fit inside this groove is important. Too wide and it won’t fit, too narrow and it won’t look right. For the best results, we recommend measuring the old inlay. If you’re unable to get that, be sure to let us know that you’re giving us the measurement of the groove. The picture at right, is of a bass drum with our Citrus Mod covering.  Inlays are usually cut between 1/2″- 1″.  Always call to confirm the current price.

Full Hoop Strips

In this picture, is an example of a full hoop strip in our Silver Glass Glitter. This type is done on wooden bass hoops without a groove. These cover the full width of the hoop (flat part only). We can precisely cut our materials to your specifications (1/16″ increments).  We sell these in pairs only and include our high-bond tape (if desired). Wrap for wider or larger bass hoops may be a little more (call for a price).  Always call to confirm the current price.

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