How To Wrap Your Drum

To see a free seven minute video, on recovering a drum with our custom cut drum wrap, click Play Drum Wrap Video (for Windows Media Player).

Important Note
This video is over 10 years old.  Our written instructions are the most up to date, for our drum wraps.  However, this video will give you a good general overview of the process.
At 31 Mb, this file may not work with modem speeds slower than 256K (via streaming).  You may also need a newer version of Windows Media Player. Many tell us that “Internet Explorer” seems to play the video best.

If you cannot get the above streaming video link to work, you might try to download our video at (it”s compressed file size is about 12Mb.) On a dialup connection at 56K speeds, this may take more than an hour to download, depending on your actual connection speed.  We suggest that you choose to save the file to your desktop. Once the download is complete, just double-click the new icon on your desktop to uncompress the ZIP file. Make note of where the uncompressed file (a WMV file) is put and use Windows Media Player to play the video locally on your computer.

Our hi-bond tape can only be purchased through us (only on our drum wrap).   This tape is expensive for us to buy, even in large quantities, and is the same used to hold trim on cars in the automotive industry.   We have actually gone through several hi-bond tapes to find the right one, and refined our instructions several times, resulting in our customers having great success every time.

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