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Photo of Mark Wittenberg's 1960's Ludwig kit with JS Sparkle Black drum wrap (1)
Photo of Mark Wittenberg's 1960's Ludwig kit with JS Sparkle Black drum wrap (0)


Picture sent in (January 2021) from Mark Whittenberg of Brambleton, Virginia – USA of his 60’s Ludwig kit. Awesome kit Mark!

Mark writes:
This is not my first purchase of black sparkle wrap from Jammin Sam. The black sparkle looks beautiful and it matches my collection of Yamaha birch drums. I covered a couple of snare drums in the past with great results, so I was confirmation purchasing again.

I have been looking for an inexpensive way to buy a 60’s Ludwig kit for several years. I started with a 26×10 marching bass drum with a mahogany poplar mahogany shell. It sounded amazing and I bought it for $150. Next up a few years later, I found a 16×12 marching drum for $100 that I use as a SNOM [baritone snare drum]. It is a maple polar mahogany drum and had a painted finish that was flaking off (which made it super simple to prepare for a wrap). Last I found a 13×9 club date tom for $200 that was also maple poplar mahogany. The maple poplar mahogany is such a great combo, and the maple exterior is so much easier to prepare for the wrap. The 26 bass drum was really difficult to remove the wrap, and the mahogany is very thin and easy to gouge on the edges (so be careful!). I just had a few small spots to fix after a few hours with a heat gun, a scraper, and a loving wife who stood out in a cold garage to help! It’s definitely a two person job (as Sam says!).

The kit looks beautiful and I couldn’t be more excited about it. To have a 60’s Ludwig kit in these fun sizes for a total investment of around $650 is a dream!

Mark Whittenberg
Brambleton, Virginia – USA

This line of wrap colors is available exclusively from Jammin Sam!

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