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For more pictures of a near match, take a look at our Red Vintage Sparkle drum wrap.

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Photo of Keith Armstrong's Tama Swingstars with JS Dark Red Sparkle drum wrap (5)

Pictures sent in (February 2013) by Keith Armstrong from Huntsville, Alabama of his ‘Old, wore out’ TAMA Swingstars drum set.  Way to go Keith!

Keith writes:
I accrued this wore out set for a song, wanted a “cheaper” player set. Bought some heads, got the JS (Dark Dark) Red Sparkle from JamminSam and never looked back! The wrap material is top notch, and the Eyelet Tool is AMAZING! Customer service is very good, shipping is prompt. My pitted, rusty hardware doesn’t do the wrap justice! I will be getting them stripped and powder-coated.

Keith Armstrong
Huntsville, Al.

Old wore out set of early 80’s TAMA Swingstars
p.s. This color is an exact replica of John Hiseman drum set in the 1979 drum tutorial book “Play Drums Today” by Ashley Brown.

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