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For more pictures of a near match, take a look at our Red Vintage Sparkle drum wrap.

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Photo of Joe Bellavia's Rogers drums with JS Dark Red Sparkle drum wrap

Picture sent in (June 2016) from Joe Bellavia of La Grange, Illinois of his Rogers drum set. Awesome Joe!

Joe writes:
Hello Jammin Sam, I purchased a red sparkle wrap to match a set of Rogers drums I had from 1966 (I’m the original owner from 1966). I wanted to add another tom to the set but the only vintage Rogers tom I could find available was wrapped in silver sparkle. So, I removed the silver sparkle wrap and wrapped it with your dark red sparkle wrap. The pic shows it next to my original Rogers tom and the only way you can tell the difference is because of the Rogers badge on the original. Once I get a Rogers badge for the drum I wrapped, you’ll never tell the difference. Great product Jammin Sam … Thanks!
Joe Bellavia, La Grange, Illinois

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