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For more pictures of a near match, take a look at our Green Vintage Sparkle drum material.

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Photo of Bryan Beyer's bass drum with JS Sparkle Green drum wrap (35)
Photo of Bryan Beyer's drums with JS Sparkle Green drum wrap (12)
Photo of Bryan Beyer's drum set with JS Sparkle Green drum wrap (01)

Pictures sent in (March 2015) by Bryan Beyer from Sag Harbor, New York of his set of drums. Dressed up and ready to go Bryan!

Bryan writes:
Here’s the best pictures of the wrap job I could find. Unfortunately, the green sparkle wreaks havoc with my cameras flash.
This is the JS [green] sparkle. It’s a Corder kit, which was a company out of Alabama in the 80s and 90s. They bought the tooling left over from Fibes when Fibes closed down, and built drums that looked just like Fibes, but had maple/gum shells, which they bought from Jasper (same shells that Gretsch used) I found this kit cheap and it didn’t have a floor tom. it was white and only had a 22" kick, 10-12-13" toms. I found a black 14" floor tom on eBay which I wrapped along with the white shells, and I also acquired a Corder snare drum which I wrapped in green to match. I have an additional 15" Floor Tom that is still not finished but when it is, I will have a 7 piece kit. I only use two rack toms (usually one actually) at the moment but when it is all finished I will take a quality pic and send it in.
The pictures [not all are included here] show the kit in various phases of the redo. They look and sound amazing now.

Bryan Beyer

We would like to feature your drums with our wrap here.

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