JS Sparkle Drum Wraps

JS Super Sparkle drum wraps

These two photos are of the same drum materials
just two different lighting angles.

Photo of JS Sparkles

This line of wrap colors is available exclusively from Jammin Sam!

Are all sparkle wraps the same? No, not at all!  Some today offer a cheap paper thin, or overly flexible upholstery material, and call it “drum wrap” (like calling a bicycle, a motorcycle). That is not what we sell. Our Sparkle line is very high quality, and used by professional drummers around the world. Most of the large US drums companies use this type of finish, but a thinner version. We however, have it made thicker, to be more durable, similar to the older vintage wraps.

We have been told, by our customers, that our JS Sparkles resemble the sparkle of the 50s and 60s. One of our customers said, after installing his wraps, “It’s like walking back into a music store in the 1960s.”

We believe these are the Cadillac of Sparkle finishes.

Not only does our JS Sparkle wraps look the best, but we are offering them at an unheard of price (see our “Drum Wrap Pricing” tab). If you are looking for that awesome sparkle look, and at a terrific price, you have found it!


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