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More JS Turquoise Sparkle

For more pictures of a near match, take a look at our Turquoise Vintage Sparkle drum wrap.

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Photo of Trent Owen's tom drum with JS Turquoise Sparkle drum wrap (9)

Photo of Trent Owen's drumset with JS Turquoise Sparkle drum wrap (18)

Picture sent in (August 2014) from Trent Owen of Moulton, Alabama of his drum set. Slick looking set Trent!

Trent writes:
The photos on the website can’t do the finish justice. My drums look incredible now. With help from a friend, the eyelet and wrap installation was hassle free. If I re-wrap another drum kit in the near future, I’ll be purchasing my materials from Jammin’ Sam.
Trent Owen, Moulton, Alabama

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