L-Arm Style Arms & Mounts

How would you like to save some significant money on your drum hardware?  We offer quality name brand hardware, but without the name brand on the packaging.  We save significantly when buying this way, and pass the savings on to you, so you get the same quality at a reduced price!

Heavy Duty Round Tom Mount

photo of our Heavy Duty Tom Mount (Gibraltar)

This is the best “l-arm” style mount we sell.  Round in shape, features a hinged clamping system (best clamping system on the market today), a great chrome job, superior styling, and a great price.  If you want the best “l-arm” style mount (for mounting toms or floor tom legs), this is your mount! Measurements: (c.o.h. 1-31/32″, length 2-3/8″)

Heavy Duty Tom Mount w/ rubber gasket, screws …..$22.99 ea.
Set of 3 mounts …..$59.99 ea.
Set of 3 mounts w/ floor tom legs …..$89.99 ea.
(Memory lock for this mount ….. $4.99 ea.)


Memory Locks

Photo of Gibraltar Memory Locks

At left is a photograph of some of our memory locks.  Remember, without a memory lock, a tom mount will usually slip.  Never buy a mount without a memory lock.  Most memory locks do not interchange and are made specifically for that mount. We strongly recommend you get one with each mount when you purchase the mount.


Heavy Duty Rectangular Tom Mount

This is an exceptional rectangular “l-arm” style mount- used for mounting toms or floor tom legs. It features a superior wing bolt for easy adjustment, a great chrome job, and superior styling to boot.  If you want a rectangular tom mount, don’t pass up the incredible mount with an exceptional price. Measurements: (c.o.h. 2-1/16″, length 2-3/4″)

Tom Mount w/ rubber gasket & screws …..$14.99
Set of 3 mounts…..$39.99
Set of 3 w/floor tom 9.5mm legs …… $69.99
(add $5.00 substitute 10.5mm legs)
(Memory lock for this mount …..$4.99 ea.)


“L-Arm” Style Tom Arm

Photo of our 'Gibraltar' L Arm style tom arm w/ 7/8-inch down tube Photo of our 'Gibraltar' L Arm style tom arm w/ one inch down tube

Tom Arms for “l-arm style” mounts. Very heavy duty.

Arm alone (7/8″ or 1″ down tube) ……………… $34.99 ea.
Arm w/Bass Plate (1″ down tube) ……………… $49.99 ea.
2 Arms w/Bass Plate (7/8″ down tube) ………. $109.99 ea.
Either arm w/ multi-adjustment tube clamp … $69.99 ea.


Single Tom Arm Rail Mount 

Photo of Single Tom Arm Rail Mount

This “l-arm” style mount has a similar look to a vintage rail mount, but make no mistake, this baby is heavy duty, heavy holding, and extremely adjustable. A superb design to replace a vintage rail mount without adding holes (4¾” +/- c.o.h. to c.o.h.) It comes with rubber gasket, metal support plate & mounting hardware

Single Tom Arm Rail Mount …..Call for Price 


Double “L-Arm” Assembly Bass Mount

Photo of a Double 'L-Arm' Assembly Bass Mount

I believe the picture says it all.  This is one “beefy”, “l-arm” style, bass mount kit.  The down tube is one inch in diameter (15″ long), plus the hard rubber ball technology providing superior holding and adjusting capability for each tom arm.  The whole unit is a work of art, and comes with a rubber gasket & screws for the bass plate (optional bass plate shown below).  This great looking mount kit won’t let you down- or even your toms!

Bass plate mounting pattern:  1-3/4″ x 1-7/16″ (c.o.h. to c.o.h., rectangular pattern)
Double “l-arm Assembly Mount w/ bass plate …..$109.99
Optional bass mount for the above double arm assembly with
hinged clamping (no additional price).  Rubber gasket
included.  Mounting pattern:  3-3/16″ x 2-1/4″ (c.o.h.)

Mount Bass K Round L Arm


Single Bass Mount

Bass Mount Rectangular

Bass mount (to purchase separately) for the above double arm assembly with hinged clamping (or any mount with a one inch pipe).  Rubber gasket included.  Mounting pattern:  1-3/4″ x 1-7/16″ (c.o.h.)

Mount w/ rubber gasket and memory lock ….. $24.99 ea.


Medium Duty Tom Mount

Reg Floor Tom Mount

This mount is a standard duty replacement for most lower to moderate priced drum sets. It’s measurements are 1-7/8″ c.o.h. to c.o.h., with an overall length of 3″. We recommend this mount only for floor tom legs.  When used only in this manner, they work great and give adequate holding.  If you are looking for inexpensive floor tom mounts (also available w/ our floor tom legs), these are your mounts.

Medium duty tom mount w/ screws ….. $8.99 ea.
Set of 3 mounts ….. $22.99
Set of 3 mounts w/ 9.5mm floor tom legs ….. $49.99

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