All of our drum lugs come with matching screws and inserts.

We have sold so many drum lugs over the years, it’s difficult to come up with a number.  If you need lugs, you have come to the right place.  Not only do our drum lugs look great, they have a great price.  Whether you are looking for a round, a square, or a traditional style, we’ve got it.  Also many of our lugs will replace many sets of the past without drilling new holes (see configuration measurements below). We also carry several different replacement lug inserts.

Round Lugs with gaskets (tom, bass, snare)

photo of our round drum lugs with gaskets for tom, bass, or snare.

These round lugs are a newer look that is a popular choice for custom drum builders.  They also come with rubber gaskets, and are available at a great price.

The bass lug (center) has a thicker gasket.


American Classic Style Lugs (tom, bass, snare)

photo of our slingerland style lugs

These American Classic style lugs are very popular.  Because of their more traditional rounded shape, they look great on any drum set– our most popular lug (replacement or custom drum set).  The style is pleasing, the chrome job is exceptional, and the price is right.  These lugs will help add to the compliments you will get on your drum set.

Rubber gaskets are available for our American Classic style lugs.


Asian Classic Style Lugs (tom, bass, snare)

photo of our Pearl style lugs

We sell many of these older Asian Classic-style lugs.  This style lug has been in existence for over 25 years.  For the money, these lugs are your best value.  Also, this lug (as well as the American Classic style above) is an exact replacement (hole pattern) to millions of drum sets made in the last 25 years- the majority being made in Asia.

Rubber gaskets are now available for our Asian Classic style lugs.


Mini Rounded Lugs (snare/piccolo, tom or bass)

photo of our Mini American Classic Style lugs

These are our new Mini Rounded lugs for tom, snare and bass, that is similar to our American Classic style lugs, but are smaller.  They have a great chrome appearance and our first choice for those who want less of a lug profile, and a top quality part.  Best of all, these lugs wont break the bank.  For more information, give us a call.


Mini Square Lugs (snare/piccolo, tom or bass)

mini square lugs

The Mini Style square lugs has been around since the 1990s because drummers wanted a smaller lug profile.  They have a great chrome job and a lower profile that allows more of the drum’s finish to be enjoyed by the audience.  They are popular with custom drum builders (from piccolo snares to full sets), especially when a creative snare drum is the goal.

All of our drum lugs come with screws and inserts


Lug Prices

Lugs w/ inserts
& mounting screws
Asian ClassicAmerican Classic“Mini” SquareMini RoundedRound


Lug Measurements

Lug StyleCenter of Hole to
Center of Hole
Length of Lug
(less insert)
Asian Classic1-1/2″2-1/16″2″2-1/4″2-9/16″2-3/8″
American Classic1-1/2″2-1/16″2-1/16″2-1/16″2-9/16″2-1/2″
Mini Rounded15/16″1-9/16″n/a1-1/2″2″n/a
Note:  The round lug length measurement does not include the gasket.


All of our drum lugs come with matching screws and inserts.

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