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Photo of Phillip Doorman's Mapex drums with Neon Lime Satin drum wrap (7)
Photo of Phillip Doorman's Mapex drumset with Neon Lime Satin drum wrap (5)

Pictures sent in (August 2005) by Phillip Dorman of Independence, Missouri of his Mapex drum set.  Wonder work Phillip!  

Phillip writes:
Sam, Thought you might like to see a Super drum “Makeover”.  This is an older Mars Mapex maple kit in the rock sizes.  I usually play the fusion size kits, so this one had to be modified.  The rack toms were 12×11.5 and 13×11, the floor tom was a legged 16×16. The bass is a 18×22 which I left alone.  I cut both rack toms down to 8″ and the floor tom down to 13.5″.  I filled the holes for the leg mounts on the floor tom and put a single mount, to now be a hanging tom.  The after pics are the finished project. Your covering has brought new life to this now unique Mapex kit.  Thanks again!!
Phillip Dorman

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