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Photo of Jimmy Rehn's drums with Neon Pink Satin drum wrap

Picture sent in (September 2006) by Jimmy Rehn from Antelope, California of his drum set. Awesome Job Jimmy!  

Jimmy writes:
Dear Jammin’ Sam, I came across your company during a google search.  I was immediately impressed with your website, abundance of useful information and number of drum wrap choices. The service turned out to be fast and friendly. I decided to give your “tape method” a try on my small, cocktail kit. The application was incredibly easy. I have now decided to re-wrap my entire larger kit with one of your glitter finishes.  The kit in these photos was wrapped with your neon pink satin flame wrap. The dimensions (depth x diameter) are as follows:  16″x18″ kick, 9″x13″ floor tom 3″x14″ piccolo snare (not wrapped) Regards,
Jimmy Rehn

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