Psychedelic Drum Wraps

Fanned selection of Psychedelic Drum Wraps
The three psychedelics (psychedelic red, mod orange, citrus mod) were only sold by the Ludwig Drum company (in the 1970’s) and were first featured in the 1971 catalog. By the 1976 catalog, only the psychedelic red was still being offered. It too was later dropped from their line. Read more in our article on History of Drum Wrap. Surprising to us we sell much more of these wraps than we had anticipated. The colors of these finishes are so eye-catching, that many drummers will seek these out over any other colors. Even though they are a vintage style wrap, the pattern and vibrant blend of colors still carry a modern appeal. The designers got it more right than they realized at the time, and today these are hotly sought after. Not just due to their vintage style, but because of their designer quality – a briliant use of color and balance. We have yet to hear of anyone that was not totally pleased to have any of these colors on their drums.

Available Colors…

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