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Photo of Dan Herlein's Premier drums with Purple Glass Glitter drum wrap (1)

Picture sent in (November 2003) by Dan Hertlein of Antioch, California; of his Premier drum set. Awesome work Dan!

Dan writes:
Attached you’ll find a couple pictures of the purple glass glitter wrap I got for my 25 year old Premier kit.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but found the application of your wrap a kick.  After not playing these drums for years on live gigs (reserved for my incredible DW kit), it was fun bringing out my “Barney Kit”.  My first gig with this kit was at a wedding.  Wouldn’t you know, the color theme for the wedding was purple.  The bride even asked us to wear purple shirts.  So, when I showed up with a purple kit, they flipped.  They actually thought I’d bought the kit just for their wedding! Thanks

Note:  See Dan’s Turquoise glass kit under that section.

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