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Photo of Rick Hilbrich's Fibes drum set with Purple Satin Flame drum wrap (1)

Picture sent in (May 2003) by Rick Hilbrich from Lake Carmel, New York of his Fibes drum set.  Great work Rick!
Rick writes:
Hi, Finished wrapping my drums and I am amazed how good they look.  I scrounged up a collection of genuine Fibes old vintage fiberglass shells (13×9, 14×10, 18×16, 22×14).  I received it [the wrap] on Friday afternoon when I got home from work.  I figured I would just do the 13×9 and do the rest on Saturday.  But after I finished the first one, I got so excited and into it, I stayed up and did the whole set.  Thanks for the great product and the ease on which it goes on.  I doubt these drums looked this good when they were brand new.  This satin finish plays the most fantastic tricks on the light I’ve ever seen.  The quality of the pictures are “so so”, but in person they are a “sight to behold”.  I’ll be back for some more soon.  Thanks again, Rick Hilbrich

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