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Photo of Don Thorpe's cocktail kit with Red Vintage Sparkle drum wrap (1)

Pictures sent in (December 2010) by Don Thorpe from Salt Lake City, Utah of his cocktail drum kit.  That’s hot Don!

Don writes:
Here’s a photo of the sit-down cocktail drum set that I just wrapped. It was easy to do and only took me about an hour to do all 3 drums. The drum set is a “mongrel” eclectic collection of drums. The snare drums is a Pearl piccolo, the floor tom/bass is PDP or Sound Percussion, and the side tom is ??? with some lugs I bought on eBay, and I don’t know what they are. But they all look great together in red sparkle. If anyone knows what make the side tom lug is, please let me know. Thanks Sam for a great product.
Don O. Thorpe

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