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Eyelet close-up on Red Glass (Slingerland badge)

Example of a press in eyelet


To remove badges that are glued down– use fishing line to separate the badge from the old wrap or shell. Use a sawing motion (pulling the line back and forth) between the badge and shell, until the badge totally separates. Some heat applied to the badge (no hotter than a hair dryer) may help in the separation process. This procedure should keep the badge in pristine condition. Sometimes it is best to carefully remove the old wrap, then cut around the badge, leaving the old wrap under it, then re-gluing all to the new wrap.


Several different methods are described here so read this whole page before beginning work.

Many drum manufacturers use press in eyelets (Jammin Sam’s Standard eyelets) on the drums they sell. One way to remove them is to pry the backsides with a flat-blade screwdriver (from inside the shell). This method destroys the eyelet and sometimes the wood.

Alternative Method 1:
The best way to remove eyelets, especially to reuse the original eyelet (which we recommend), is with a “round bastard” file (preferably 8″). File from the outside inward, filing off the backside (inner edge) of the eyelet. It only takes about a minute to file through the eyelet’s backside– only at the center rear edge. Once filed, take a punch shaped object (or wooden dowel, or mechanic’s socket– the same size as the hole), and from the inside, carefully tap/work out the eyelet without damaging it or the shell.

Alternative Method 2:
Some have used a drill and the right sized bit to drill out the back of the eyelet, then tapping the eyelet out with a mechanic’s socket.

Do not use pliers or a screwdriver to remove an eyelet if you are trying to save it (even if the eyelet is half way out)– they will damage it. The size of the eyelets we send are 3/8″.

  • Use a small cutting blade (used for small/mini hack saws– wrapping both ends with tape to protect your hands), passed through the barrel of the eyelet, to cut the length of it. After cutting, this will easily allow the eyelet to be collapsed.
  • Use a jig/saber saw (w/blade for metal) to carefully cut eyelet. Be careful not to cut into the wood (only cut the barrel of the eyelet, not the entire flange/lip.)
  • Use a jig/saber saw blade for metal (3″ or longer) in a handle (handle used for a reciprocating saw blade– for close cutting) to cut eyelet– use a “T” style blade.
  • Use a “Dremel Tool” with a cutting attachment to cut the eyelet apart.

Alternative Method’s When the Original Eyelet Will be Discarded:

These methods will weaken the eyelet (w/ 1 to 2 cuts), making it easier to remove it.

Replacement eyelets (press in and threaded) are available from Jammin Sam.

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