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Call for info about this wrap. Would you like to see a near identical (better?) replacement?
Please take a look at our 60’s Black Oyster Pearl on Drums.

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Photo of a Tama floor tom from Jonathan Burton with Retro Black Oyster Pearl (16)

Pictures sent in (December 2017) by Jonathan Burton from Worcester, Massachusetts of his Tama floor tom. Beautiful work Jonathan!

Jonathan writes:
Long overdue, but wanted to send along a photo (attached) of that 16×16 floor tom that came out looking so great in the (now discontinued) retro black oyster pearl finish.
As you suggested, the seam that spans the circumference of the drum is barely perceptible, where the two strips of covering were taped together.

This was a Tama floor tom that came as an “extra” piece with a used Gretsch Catalina Birch kit I bought, which had been refinished by another customer of yours from Connecticut. (The Gretsch badge may not fool anyone who recognizes the leg brackets being different from stock Gretsch, but the lugs were quite similar, and the sound of the drum fit so well with the rest of the set, I felt it was worth the effort to match up the wrap and integrate it into the kit.)
When I clean my basement over the holidays, maybe I can get you a photo of the whole set.
Appreciatively, Jonathan Burton
p.s. The red sparkle wrap for my vintage Ludwig set arrived safely, but I’ve insisted upon saving that as a Christmas present for myself. It has been hard not to peek at ahead of Dec. 25, but you’ll receive a photo update on that too.

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